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Zenor home at 4617 Beaver Avenue named Award Home

September 28, 2009

James and Tobi Zenor at 4617 Beaver Avenue were nominated by a Beautification Committee member. 4617 Beaver Avenue - Zenor - 9.09

Their home is well maintained and always the Zenors seem to always be working to make their home better. As a matter of fact, the Zenors were putting in new mulch when we stopped by to ask them about the nomination.

Thanks for setting a high standard and meeting it! We all appreciate your efforts!

A burning problem

September 22, 2009

There have been complaints of a foul-smelling smoke from a trash fire in the vicinity of Indiana/Sherwood/Prange. This smoke is putrid and not to be confused with a legal backyard wood fire.

Burning trash or leaves in city limits is illegal. If you notice this smoke, please call 911.

The City call center has confirmed that calls for this nuisance are supposed to go to the 911 call center. Tell them the fire complaint and address. If you don’t exactly know the address, give an approximate.

Fort-4-Fitness Half Marathon to pass through Southwood Park on Saturday

September 22, 2009

Have you been wondering what those painted arrows on the street are about? The mystery has been solved…

The Board was very excited to learn that thousands of runners will be passing through Southwood Park this Saturday. Those runners will be participating in the Fort-4-Fitness Half Marathon. We are happy that thousands of people will get to enjoy the beauty and charm of our neighborhood, even if they’re just running past. For many of these people, we can assume that it’s the first time they’ve visited our corner of Fort Wayne. Hopefully, some of them will visit again when they can enjoy the sights more!

It will be a different kind of Saturday morning with a race winding through the neighborhood. Spend some time out front watching the race. Encourage the runners! Who knows, you may find yourself feeling inspired to join next year’s event.

Now with an event this size going on, there are a couple things you need to know:

We wish all runners a great race day - good luck! We hope Fort-4-Fitness comes back in 2010!

Another fun thing to do in our part of town… Astronomy at Fox Island

September 22, 2009

Here’s something fun to do that you may have missed: Astronomy at Fox Island.

The Fort Wayne Astronomical Society has open viewing on clear Saturday nights. I noticed a poster at the library advertising these sessions, and on a quiet Saturday night a couple weeks ago, I took my kids to Fox Island. It was the first time that we had looked at the night sky through a quality telescope in an observatory. Jupiter and its moons, Andromeda, the “Wild Duck”, twin star clusters… it was all alot of fun for them and me both.

Take advantage of this free thing to do! It’s just fifteen minutes from Southwood Park…

Treasurer’s Report

September 16, 2009



BALANCE ON HAND:  April 1, 2009                                                                                                         $19,619.67 



          Dues:   ’06 (1), ’07 (3), ’08 (6), ’09 (17)                                                          $     980.00

          Newsletter Ad                                                                                                             35.00


      TOTAL RECEIPTS                                                   $  1,015.00                                                                         




          Roundabout     -Electricity                                                         $   32.05                

                                     -Water                                                                     32.11           $     64.16


          Security Patrol (Apr-June)                                                                                      3,825.00

          Postage              -Postmaster  (Postage Due Acct.)                    25.00

                                       -Newsletter (Bulk Mail)                                   385.00                 410.00 


          Newsletter         -Printing                                                                                           400.18                                     

          Returned Check                                                                                                             50.00

          Beautification    -Tree Treatment                                               171.20

                                       -Fertilizer                                                           495.00

                                       -Flowers                                                               76.91

                                       -Mulch                                                                267.50               1,010.61


           Dirt Day              -Dirt                                                                                                  843.50

           ARCH                  -Tour Sponsorship Money                                                        $  500.00


       TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS                                                                                                        $ (7103.45)


BALANCE ON HAND:  June 30, 2009                                                                                                      $ 13,531.22 


Respectfully submitted,

Steven J. Nagy, Treasurer

Fall Beautification Dates set

September 3, 2009

Fall Beautification Dates: October 24 and November 7

This has been a fantastic year for most of our SWP public “pocket” gardens, but it takes more than sun and rain to keep them so attractive.  Please join us on OCTOBER 24 at 1pm at  the roundabout to tidy up and plant spring bulbs there.  We’ll also be planting spring bulbs at our restoration project gardens at Pettit and Tacoma and Pettit and S. Wayne.  If there’s time and willingness, we’ll also do some tidying at the other gardens AND watch a few strong and clever neighbors level our three stone benches.  Just bring a trowel and a kneeling pad if you have one.

After fall comes the holiday season and we’ll kick it off on NOVEMBER 7 at 1pm by stringing colorful lights on the roundabout (and by doing a final tidying up there).  This year, because the treetops have become a bit too tall for us wimps, we’ll be keeping the spotlights on the trees and stringing lights on the shrub hedge instead.

All are welcome to help.  It’s great to get children involved at these events.  We’ll supply the rakes and yard bags for the tidying up chores.  Rain day will be the following Sunday for both beautification dates.

Agenda for the September Board Meeting, Wednesday Sep. 2, 7PM

September 2, 2009

I. Call to Order

II. Welcome and Open Forum for Residents’ Concerns

  1. Kelly McCauley – new ideas
  2. Letter from Jay Reed, 902 Prange
  3. Call from Jane Inman re:4405 Indiana
  4. 4239 Indiana ongoing problems
  5. Brown Gables – zoning issues?

III. Roll Call – Establishment of a Board Quorum 

IV. Presentation of the Agenda – Steve McCord

V. Nomination of new Board Member: Cheryl McCarthy

VI.  Secretary’s Report  – Ryan Keirns

VII. Treasurer’s Report/Submission of Bills

VIII. Committee Reports

  1. Ad-Hoc Home and Garden Tour – wrap-up
  2. Beautification

                1. Fall needs: Pat

                2. CEDIT: Steve M.                                                              

  1. Public Relations- Steve M.                                                                                                         
  2. Membership-Deb
  3. Nominations – expiring terms: Keirns x2, Steve x2, Pat       

IX. Unfinished Business

  1. Arlington stop signs petition – Dick, Tom
  2. Security update
  3. SWAP Reports for May, June and August; agenda items for September?
  4. Taylor Meeting – June 29th
  5. Legal opinion on Amending Constitution to allow voluntary members from other adjoining subdivisions (Old Mill, Section H) – Andrew

X. New Business

  1. No solicitation policy
  2. Incorporation; tax-exempt status
  3. Broadway/Bluffton gateway initiative – Lori
  4. Mayor’s Sidewalk Initiative
  5. Southwood Park Sidewalk Initiative?
  6. Insurance for pillars
  7. Name change to add “Historic”; amend bylaws & constitution
  8. Create a special account/trust for Home Tour proceeds – Steve
  9. Trust project possibilities

1.    Defray historic district sign costs

  1. New security patrol signs
  2. Decorative street signs
  3. Pillar tuckpointing and cleaning
  4. Benches and gardens on South Wayne; Crestwood; Pettit
  5. Greenway connectivity from Stratford – paving?

I. Other

XI. For the Good of the Order

XII. Adjournment


Next regular Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 4th at the Friendly Fox Meeting Room.


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