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Southwood Park’s nomination up for a vote in Indianapolis

October 25, 2009

The Indiana State Review Board agenda for October 28, 2009 includes action on our neighborhood’s nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.  The Southwood Park Historic District is the tenth item on the agenda.

This is the link to the overall meeting agenda:

This is the link to the Southwood Park NR application:

The State is expected to approve the nomination and send it to the federal government for final approval, hopefully later this year. Wouldn’t that be a great Christmas present?

Thank you to Angie Quinn at ARCH, Creager Smith and Don Orban in Historic Presrvation Planning and everyone else who has participated in readying the nomination! We appreciate your work!

Two rock gardens now featured in Southwood Park

September 28, 2009

About two weeks ago, Beautification Committee members took two hours on a Wednesday and installed two rock gardens. The Association paid for the plant material and the boulders were donated.Tacoma rock

The larger stone on Tacoma Avenue is a limestone slab from the southern part of the state. It is near Pettit Avenue and takes the place of the hawthorn tree that was a victim of last year’s ice storm. When you go by, feel free to take a rest. The slab was picked for its dual purpose ability to serve as a natural bench.

On South Wayne Avenue at Pettit Avenue, South Wayne rockwe added an Indiana granite field stone with interesting textures. There are new varieties of lamb’s ear, daylilies, ornamental grass and a flowering shrub.

As always, if you have a notion for some “sanctioned guerilla gardening”, contact Pat Thomson. She’ll get you hooked up with our neighborhood gardening efforts.

Fort-4-Fitness ROCKED!

September 28, 2009

race 1Saturday was a cool and overcast morning. This was great for the thousands of runners who passed through Southwood Park during miles 7-10 of the Fort-4-Fitness half marathon.

The coolness didn’t stop hundreds of neighborhood residents from getting up early on the weekend to cheer on family members, co-workers, friends and total strangers as they made their way toward their 13.1 mile goal.  Neighbors pulled lawn chairs out in their front yards to watch the spectacle. There were signs of encouraging the runners. Some people were waving flags or holding posters.

One home on Indiana Avenue was playing Queen’s “We Will Rock You” on a boombox for the runners. It must have been good running music – because there were more than a few “thumbs-up” given.race 2

Southwood Park is already looking forward to next year’s race and hoping that we remain on the half-marathon route. It was alot of fun! Thanks, runners! race 3

Moore Home at 1241 West Sherwood Terrace recognized as an Award Home

September 28, 2009

The wonderful ranch at 1241 Sherwood Terrace, owned by Kevin and Blaise Moore, was also nominated by a Beautification Committee member.

1241 W Sherwood Terrace - Moore - 9.09

Since moving in last January, the Moores have transformed the landscaping front and back. The front is great and the backyard is spectacular! Blaise has worked for nurseries and has used her experience to create a really attractive landscape around their home.

Zenor home at 4617 Beaver Avenue named Award Home

September 28, 2009

James and Tobi Zenor at 4617 Beaver Avenue were nominated by a Beautification Committee member. 4617 Beaver Avenue - Zenor - 9.09

Their home is well maintained and always the Zenors seem to always be working to make their home better. As a matter of fact, the Zenors were putting in new mulch when we stopped by to ask them about the nomination.

Thanks for setting a high standard and meeting it! We all appreciate your efforts!

A burning problem

September 22, 2009

There have been complaints of a foul-smelling smoke from a trash fire in the vicinity of Indiana/Sherwood/Prange. This smoke is putrid and not to be confused with a legal backyard wood fire.

Burning trash or leaves in city limits is illegal. If you notice this smoke, please call 911.

The City call center has confirmed that calls for this nuisance are supposed to go to the 911 call center. Tell them the fire complaint and address. If you don’t exactly know the address, give an approximate.

Fort-4-Fitness Half Marathon to pass through Southwood Park on Saturday

September 22, 2009

Have you been wondering what those painted arrows on the street are about? The mystery has been solved…

The Board was very excited to learn that thousands of runners will be passing through Southwood Park this Saturday. Those runners will be participating in the Fort-4-Fitness Half Marathon. We are happy that thousands of people will get to enjoy the beauty and charm of our neighborhood, even if they’re just running past. For many of these people, we can assume that it’s the first time they’ve visited our corner of Fort Wayne. Hopefully, some of them will visit again when they can enjoy the sights more!

It will be a different kind of Saturday morning with a race winding through the neighborhood. Spend some time out front watching the race. Encourage the runners! Who knows, you may find yourself feeling inspired to join next year’s event.

Now with an event this size going on, there are a couple things you need to know:

We wish all runners a great race day – good luck! We hope Fort-4-Fitness comes back in 2010!


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