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Allen Protection Services is our new security patrol

March 2, 2009
At the January Board of Directors meeting, the Association voted to switch security services a second time.
The service that we hired at the beginning of January terminated its contract with Southwood Park. STS said it could not continue to perform required morning patrols at the price they offered us in November. Rather than reduce the number of patrols or pay a much higher rate, the Board chose again.

Allen Protection Services now performs the neighborhood security patrols in Southwood Park. Allen Protection Services will also perform vacation checks of your home at your request. Their phone is 747-7700.
The Association also re-examined the advice we give regarding who you should call about crime and security. Here’s the new advice:
Emergencies: 911
Any other disturbance or potential crime: 427-1222 (FWPD Desk Sgt.)
Quick response time is critical. Do not call Association officers, our security patrol or our FWPD Liaison Officer for anything in progress. Call the police! 
-Steve McCord




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