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Minutes of the Annual Meeting

March 5, 2009


I. Call to Order – The Meeting was called to order by President Steve McCord at 7:04 PM.


II. Welcome and Open Forum for Residents’ Concerns Johnathan Brouwer reported about the 4-way stops near St. John’s.  He is the school board President for St. John the Baptist school.  They (St. John’s) want 4-way stops at Arlington & Pasadena and Arlington & Sherwood.  Johnathan and Dick Beam have met and come up with a plan for getting residents’ signatures.


III. Roll Call 

A.     Members Present: Dick Beam,Colleen Condron,Ryan Keirns (Secretary),Seth Keirns, Jeff McCarthy, Steve McCord (President), Matt Meier, Steve Nagy (Treasurer), Deb Sheray, Tom Steigmeyer, Pat Thomson (Vice-President), Paul Veldman

B.   Members Absent: Andrew Boxberger, Kirk Miller, Lori Keys                                                        

C.     Guests in Attendance: John Gevers, John Kowalczyk, Cheryl McCarthy, John Baron, Johnathan Brouwer, & Russ Campbell


IV. Presentation of the Agenda – Steve McCord provided the Agenda, which was accepted unanimously. 


V. Secretary’s Report – Ryan emailed the Minutes of the January meeting, which were accepted unanimously.


VI. Treasurer’s Report – Steve Nagy provided the 4th quarter report from 2008 along with the 1st quarter of 2009.  According to the report, 409 houses had paid 2009 dues thus far.                         


VII. Committee Reports

A. Beautification – Pat 

            1. 2009 Budget items

                        a. Dirt Day = $843.50

                        b. mulch purchase = $415 (10 yds.)

                        c. tree fertilization = $171.20 (@ Roundabout)

                        d. weed control & fertilization contract = $495 (Paul Veldman)

            2. Work Day – Sunday, March 15 at 1:00 pm

                        a. meet at the Roundabout

                        b. take down Christmas lights and clean up

B. Public Relations – Steve M.

            1. Call for newsletter articles

a. Dick will submit an article about the Lions Club seeking people who may need help with outdoor chores.

b. Dirt Day

c. We may hand-deliver newsletter depending on the weather.

            2. Website updates and blog

                        a. suggestions

                                    1) Steve M. will send out instructions how to contribute

                                                a)  Pat already does

                                                b)  Ryan & Colleen expressed interest

                                                c)  A way to subscribe for a notice of new news

                        b. bill submission

                                    1) Steve M. had bills related to the website, totalling $158.25 since last April.

            C. Ad-Hoc Home and Garden Tour

                        1. Sponsorships, guarantee – Steve M.

a. gave out forms to the board soliciting sponsors to offset the $2000 cost

                        2. Volunteers – Pat

                                    a. houses to show

                                    b. house captains

                                    c. ½ day for the day of the tour

                                    d. reception help

                                    e. Pat has the forms and is the contact person

                        3. Next committee meeting:  March 11, 7 pm, at the Friendly Fox


VIII. Unfinished Business

A.     Arlington stop signs petition – Dick

B.  Sherwood update – Steve M.

            1. Steve M. sent info via email

                        a. no sidewalks because no money

                        b. Lori will get us a “Share the Road” sign

C.  Tacoma update – Pat

            1. Tacoma’s 4800 block received their bills this week for their share

            2. There’s a hearing next Wednesday, March 11       

D.  Security update – Steve M.

            1. Steve M. mentioned some confusion over the SWP border

            2. Colleen mentioned a suspicious car

            3. Johnathan Brouwer mentioned the “shady” business on the Arlington and Pasadena’s southwest corner


IX. New Business

A.     Choosing a new meeting location   

1.      Meet at Taylor for the May meeting

2.      Steve M. has a call into the Friendly Fox for future meetings

3.      Tom will check into St. John’s

B.     Taylor rumors

            1. Other small universities are interested


X. For the Good of the Order

            A.  Firemen event on Saturday, March 14 at Headwaters west.  It will be kid- friendly during the day, and have bands at night.

            B.  Matt went to the Feb. SWAP meeting.  Fort Wayne is getting money to help

people get into homes.  FWPD is re-districting, but it shouldn’t affect us.  FWFD

is pushing for the city to have a code for new homes over 2000 sq. ft. to have a sprinkler system.  SWAP will start meeting at Bethany Lutheran on Engle Rd. starting in April.  They discussed tree clean up.

C.  John Kowalczyk mentioned that Sara Cruz’ house on Arlington Ave. and the house on Hartman Rd. (across from Kowalczyk) have been taken over by the banks.


XI. Adjournment


Next regular Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 6 the in the Prince Kaboo Room.


Respectfully submitted, Ryan W. Keirns, March 4, 2009

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