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Board Meeting Agenda for July 1

July 1, 2009

July 1, 2009 – 7PM

Friendly Fox Coffee Shop Meeting Room, 4001 South Wayne Avenue


I. Call to Order

II. Welcome and Open Forum for Residents’ Concerns

III. Roll Call – Establishment of a Board Quorum 

IV. Presentation of the Agenda – Steve McCord

V.  Secretary’s Report  – Ryan Keirns

VI. Treasurer’s Report/Submission of Bills

VII. Committee Reports

A.     Beautification – Pat                       

B.     Public Relations      – Steve M.                                     

C.     Ad-Hoc Home and Garden Tour  – wrap-up             

D.    Membership                                                     

VIII. Unfinished Business

A.     Arlington stop signs petition – Dick, Tom

B.     Security update

C.     SWAP Reports for May and June

D.    Taylor Meeting – June 29th

E.     Legal opinion on Amending Constitution to allow voluntary members from other adjoining subdivisions (Old Mill, Section H) – Andrew

IX. New Business

A.     Create a special account/trust for Home Tour proceeds

X. For the Good of the Order

XI. Adjournment

Next regular Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 2nd at the Friendly Fox Meeting Room.

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