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Annual Meeting to be held March 3rd

February 17, 2010

Hundreds of mature street trees in Southwood Park are ash trees and we are in danger of losing them all.                   

Interested in knowing which trees are in danger? Just go outside and look for street trees with bright green dots spray-painted at the base facing the street. 

Last year, throughout the city, ash trees on park strips (aka street trees) were marked with the green dots to indicate they had been treated against ash tree killer emerald ash  borers under a Parks Department program initiated by Chad Tinkel, Manager of Forestry Operations.

Interested in learning more about the future of the program and its impact on our highly prized tree canopy? Come hear Chad Tinkel, our guest speaker.  Please come to our Annual Meeting at 7PM on Wednesday, March 3 at 827 West Rudisill, known as Brown Gables to Taylor alumni. Out of consideration for our neighbors, we ask that you do not park on the street, but at First Missionary Church, five houses away.

We will also have a brief State of the Neighborhood session, an open forum for residents concerns, followed by a regular session meeting of the Board of Directors.

The meeting will be an  excellent chance to meet other people involved in the future of our neighborhood. As always, if you have any interest in volunteering, please come! We can match your interests with a volunteer job.

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