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What issues should the Board address?

February 17, 2010

People were well-behaved with their comments. So, we can share each and every one. Your suggestions of what issues the Board should address, collected from ballots, were: 

Children at play signs to combat speeding.

Flooded streets due to clogged stormdrains.

Replace trees that are cut down.

People need to shovel walks – many do not.

Leave white lights on Roundabout all year.

Keep the security. They are awesome!

E-mail notices of meetings.

A maximum amount of community organized to voice concerns for who purchases the Taylor U. campus in the future.

Increased security when homeowners are on vacation.

Grass not mowed, lawn care – condition of houses – shutters and gutters hanging.

It would be nice to have photos of those we vote for.

High security when we have robberies in broad daylight.

Be aware of the amazing number of crows. Why? How to manage as children begin to play outside.

Continue Dirt Day – it is a great service!

Leash ordinance for dogs and cats.

Ask city to replace street trees more quickly.

Security cameras in alleys with dues money.

Remind our members of their obligation to clear snow and ice from their entire sidewalk. This is getting worse. People are getting very lazy.

Barking dogs! Speeders!

Sidewalks not cleared of snow. People not cleaning up after their dogs.

Empty homes – some for 5 years.

Pet owners cleaning up after their dogs on walks.

You are doing a good job!

Lawn maintenance and alley upkeep. Speeding on South Wayne.

Rising cost of association dues again.

Stop sign on Sherwood/Beaver, due to new fence is almost a blind stop. Solution: switch stop signs to stop Sherwood.

Keep up the great work! We love our neighborhood!


Enforcement of stop signs, esp. Sherwood/Stratford with the new “fast” street, before a kid gets killed.

Taylor U house at Indiana/Rudisill should not be used commercially.

I think the security service is a needless expense and is very ineffective.

Salt barrels at intersections.

Vehicles parked in the street at the end of private driveways make in hard to pull out of driveways.

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