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Pilfered plants from Foster Park

July 2, 2010
There have been some recent plant thefts from the Foster Park gardens.
Keep your eyes open for plants being moved on the weekends or odd hours. Don’t hestitate, call the police if there are suspicious persons doing bad deeds.
Below is a letter from Lynda Heavrin of the Parks Department:
We are having problems again with plants, perennials and annuals, being stolen from Foster Gardens. I would like to make the neighborhood residents more aware of the problem and keep their eyes open for anyone digging, pulling, or walking away with plants.
For example, about a month ago a visitor told Lynne, a park gardener, that someone was digging plants on a weekend and when questioned said they worked there.
I realize that not everyone knows there would not be any park employees digging plants on the weekend but it makes sense to at least question when something like that happens. We had the same problem a few years ago at  Lakeside and I attended a neighborhood association meeting to stress the importance of calling the police when there is something suspicious.
Lynda Heavrin
Manager of Landscape & Horticulture
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