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April 2010 Award Home winners

August 6, 2010

Congratulations to our Award Home winners! Thank you for making Southwood Park such a wonderful neighborhood to live in! But April? The April award winners were mistakenly left out of the May newsletter… Our apologies! After too long a wait, here they are:

4333 Drury LaneKathy Bock and Suzanne Galazka

Kathy wrote: “When we moved there in 1999, there were 3 large crabapple trees dominating the front yard. We removed two of them (so you could actually see the house again!), and Suzanne created beautiful perennial beds. We also had the wooden front porch historically restored and renovated. Most recently, we removed a small stand of arborvitae trees that were damaged in the great ice storm of 2008 and replaced them with smaller bushes and a “friendship path” that now connects our yard to our neighbor’s yard next door.


4414 Tacoma AvenueRoger Geiger

One good thing about looking at these photos in summer is that we are reminded of the cool, non-humid weather of the spring… Lush spring lawns with woodland flowers and bulbs in bloom are so nice! There’s a lot of visual interest at Roger Geiger’s house in any season. He has been here about four years and has done a lot of work inside and out. You can tell it’s a labor of love.

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