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New Recycling Program – Transition Time

January 14, 2011
It’s time for Fort Wayne’s expanded recycling program to begin.  We will be in a transition period for a couple of months as the new yellow-topped bins are delivered, but that does not mean we have to wait for the bin to arrive to start following the new recycling guidelines.  
The Solid Waste Department will accept plastics 1-7, etc. in the old bins UNTIL your yellow-topped bin is delivered.
Go to   to get educated on the new recycling program.  Did you know that there are new rules for trash and new recycling bins placement?  If not, click on the “Proper Cart Placement Information Sheet”.
Sign up for your new bin is easy; just call 311.
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  1. Cheryl McCarthy permalink
    February 18, 2011 2:22 pm

    I love that our city recycles. I have to admit however, that any metals in my house are taken up to the recycle facility on Brooklyn Rd. right off Bluffton. These days, I’ll take any extra cash I can get! Better in my pocket than the city’s I say.

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