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February 10, 2011

Fort Wayne’s Mayor Harry W. Baals, has gone viral on the internet. This is despite the fact that he won his first of five elections in 1934. His name was suggested as a possible moniker for Renaissance Square, which will hold city and county offices when renovated.

In this photo from the ACPL Community Album, Mayor Baals is at the center. Writer Carey Wilson is at left, actress Mary Castle, actress Anne Bancroft is placing the flower in Harry's lapel and singer and voice man Rex Allen is at the right.

It’s been a slow news week, so Harry Baals has been mentioned in newspapers across the country, overseas, Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel and Rush Limbaugh. And as you can imagine, Harry is a runaway favorite to win the non-binding survey.

What does this have to do with Historic Southwood Park, you ask? (Other than fishing for cheap laughs and a spike in web traffic?)

Mayor Baals lived at 4518 South Wayne Avenue.

Historic Southwood Park can claim him as our very own. We can also claim 1920s Mayor William C. Geake, who lived at 4206 Tacoma Avenue.

Win Moses lived on Westover Road while mayor and Paul Helmke lived on Korte Lane during his terms as mayor. But neither of them are likely to hear snickering when thier names are mentioned…

And if you’re in the market for a house, you can buy Harry Baals’. It’s currently for sale: It’s a cute house, a former Southwood Park Award Home winner, and comes with an automatic conversation starter.

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