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Board Makes Dirt Day and Ash Treatment decisions

May 5, 2011

The Board of Directors met last night at the Friendly Fox.

Our special guest was Patty Tritch, Realtor. Since she comes face-to-face with so many potential new residents, we had a question and answer session with Patty about all things neighborhood related. We want the things the Association does to appeal to potential homebuyers and this session helped us better understand what we are doing well, what we can influence and what we can do about it. Thank you, Patty!

During the business meeting, the Board considered the future of Dirt Day and the question of Emerald Ash Borer treatment. Based on the suggestions and votes of all who participated in our recent poll, the Board decided to pursue both. The cost of Dirt Day is $416.23. This is half last year’s amount.

Dirt Day will be this Saturday, May 7. There will be two locations: Crestwood at Sunset; and Tacoma at Maple Grove.

The South Wayne drop site has been moved to Tacoma for two reasons: 1) there will be less “through traffic”, reducing the chance for out-of-neighborhood pickups and 2) there is a need for soil on Tacoma after the recent construction. There will not be a Beaver at Lexington drop because last year someone dumped clay, concrete and yard waste at the site.

So get your soil for Mother’s Day planting on Saturday! We would like the drop sites to be emptied quickly. Please take what you need, but don’t be a dirt hog. And while I shouldn’t have to say this, I will anyway: the soil is for Historic Southwood Park residents only! Please don’t drive through the soil, block traffic or dump any soil from your yard.  Thanks!

The Board also decided to spend $800 on Emerald Ash Borer treatment.  This weekend, Kasey Krouse, our board member/certified arborist, and Pat Thomson, our board VP/master gardener, will re-survey the association’s street ash trees for spring growth signs. We know which trees the City is already treating and we will try to find up to 100 other trees still healthy enough to warrant treatment. Any “leftover” chemicals will be applied next year. If you want to contribute to this ongoing effort, you can make a donation by check to Historic Southwood Park Neighborhood Association, PO Box 12991, Fort Wayne, IN 46866-2991.

If you’re interested in reading the Minutes of the meeting, they are here: SP Minutes 05.04.11. If you want a snapshot of the Association’s finances, you can view the First Quarter Treasurer’s Report here: SP Treasurer’s Report Q1.11

– – – Steve McCord

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