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Ambassador Closes on Portions of Taylor Campus Real Estate; Agreement Limiting Asbestos Work Hours Reached

May 18, 2011

(Updated 2PM; May 20)

Randy Carman from Ambassador Enterprises let our Association know that Ambassador closed its real estate transaction for the south portion of the Taylor campus on Wednesday morning, May 18th. This does not include the historic north campus.

Hopefully, negotiations will continue on the north part of campus and a good use will be found for it. Everyone wants to see the buildings that are on ARCH’s Endangered List find a good use.

And… hopefully… we’ll soon hear more specifics from Ambassador about their plans for the south part of campus. We’re looking forward to meeting with them.

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Here is a Journal-Gazette link to a statement released through Labov & Beyond for Ambassador Enterprises:


This blog reported a few weeks ago that asbestos abatement and environmental remediation has been taking place at the former TUFW. As the closing date approached, working hours were extended in an effort to get things wrapped up. Last week, that meant a second shift working through the night at Hausser Hall. Since this involves an industrial diesel air compressor, it meant neighbors closing windows on a beautiful night for sleeping and a folks kept awake.

That, in turn, prompted calls to the FWPD Desk Sergeant and a late-night e-mail from the Association to Taylor, Ambassador and the Mayor’s Advocate, Brent Wake.

Fortunately, Taylor suspended the heavy machinery use the next day. And Brent Wake reported to the Association today that, ” just today, Ambassador and Taylor executed an amendment to the purchase agreement which provides, among other things, that Taylor’s asbestos abatement cannot generate any noise from beyond the perimeter of the buildings (not property line, but buildings) outside of the hours of Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.”

If there continues to be noise outside of the agreed upon hours, neighbors are encouraged to contact Randy immediately.  He can be reached at: Randy Carman, Ed.D., Ambassador Enterprises
(260) 446-3212, (260) 409-7427 cell

So it looks like neighbors can look forward to opening their windows at night again. Thank you Taylor, Ambassador and Brent Wake for working toward a neighborly agreement!

— Steve McCord

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