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June 2011 Award Homes Exhibit a Love for the Neighborhood

June 2, 2011
We have two very loved homes as Award Homes this month!
The first is 1006 Maxine Drive, home of Molly and Jody Barrand. Their son Andrew is a college student and daughter Emily goes to South Side HS. The following passage is from a blog wriiten by Emily. We think it’s exciting that teenagers and young adults find their Southwood Park home to be one of their prized possessions:
Our house has been in our family since it was built sometime in the 1920s. My great-grandparents were the first owners. My grandma was raised here, followed by my mother, and now me. Our house is a big part of our family; its walls contain so many memories and stories. My aunts and uncles all lived here as children, and I imagine that when they come over they are met with a feeling of comfort, even today. Everyone remembers the house they grew up in; my mom is one of very few people who have never had to leave it. When I am old enough to have a house, I know I will feel like I have a duty to raise my children here as well!
     My favorite part of the house is the front porch. I spend so much time out there when it’s warm. If, for some reason, I grow up and don’t inherit the house, I know that a front porch will definitely be something I will look for. The yard has been worked on greatly within the past few years. We painted the shutters and planted different types of shrubs and flowers in the front after digging a place for them. We just recently put down new mulch and edged the grass. My parents and brother try to keep the house looking as nice as possible. We chose low maintenance plantings for our yard. We also chose plants that will have colorful flowers throughout the course of the summer. We love our house, our yard, and our South Side neighborhood. This is why we feel it is so important to take care of everything.”
Since 1999, Laura and John White have lovingly cared for their home at 4002 Tacoma Avenue.   Their partnership of muscle and brains plus fond memories of Laura’s mother’s love of geraniums have made for a meticulous and colorful garden framing a charming house.  When it’s time to rest and enjoy their home and gardens, they sit back on their very inviting front porch.
Thank you to both these families for keeping their homes well-loved and well-cared-for!
You can send your Award Home nominations for upcoming months to, or contact any Board Member.
— Steve McCord, Pat Thomson, David Goodman
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  1. Alison permalink
    June 5, 2011 8:55 pm

    I love John and Laura’s house! Great taste, and the geraniums are a great choice!

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