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54-year Southwood Park Residents Are August Award Home Winners

August 11, 2011

The two August Award Home winners are a perfect example of the wonderful mix of residents in our neighborhood. Our Award Home winner on Beaver Avenue is a first-time homebuyer who took on something of a project. Our other Award Home winners on Indiana Avenue are long-time residents… the kind who always care for their home and provide a wonderful stability to our neighborhood.


Norman and Janet Williams moved to 4815 Indiana Avenue in 1958.  After six or seven years in that house, they made the big move…  They moved next door to 4817 Indiana Avenue and have lived there for roughly 47 years! The hard work and care that the Williams have put into their home at 4817 Indiana Avenue over what has been almost half a century has earned their home a Southwood Park Award Home Award.

The Williams’ have never considered moving because they love the neighborhood.  They love the people of the neighborhood and consider themselves fortunate to have always had good neighbors near their home.  They relish that fact that everyone makes people new to the area feel welcome.  They enjoy seeing people who grew up in Southwood Park move back to the neighborhood and own their own homes.

Another appealing characteristic mentioned by the Williams is the freedom offered in that Southwood Park doesn’t have many of restrictions like newer neighborhoods.  They like how people “can pretty much do what they want with the homes as long as it looks nice.”

The Williams also enjoy the annual firework display at the triangle every year around the 4th of July.

— Ryan Keirns

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