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After 33 Years, These Historic Southwood Park Award Home Winners Now Have Four Sons Who Are Neighborhood Homeowners, too.

September 11, 2011

Dick and Sue Keirns both grew up on the southside of Fort Wayne.  When it came time to find their first house, they stayed on the southside of town.  After their third son was born, they needed a larger house.  They worked out a “house swap” with Sue’s sister, Terry, to move into a home in Southwood Park.

Thirty-three years later, Dick and Sue still live in that same home at 4030 Tacoma Ave.  Their four sons were raised in that home and, in the next month, their youngest son will join the other three as Southwood Park homeowners.

In their 33 years in the home, the Keirns’ have done a lot to maintain and improve their home and the surrounding areas.  Almost 20 years ago, they replaced their older, blacktop driveway with a maintenance-free cement one.  Both their front (city) sidewalk and walk leading from the front door to the city sidewalk have been replaced recently due to damage done by tree roots.

The Keirns’ house has also seen many recent upgrades.  Within the last few years, they’ve replaced almost all of their windows with newer ones.  French doors replaced windows in the dining room to connect to their new patio in the backyard.  These doors have allowed for easier access in and out of the home for their grandchildren.  (They also finally bought a dishwasher once their boys moved out).

Dick takes pride in keeping the lawn nicely manicured and landscaped.  He also enjoys the bar in the basement which was made from the old South Side High School gym floor.  Sue spends much of her time cleaning up after four of her grandsons that she watches to keep the house nice and neat.

What the Keirns’ enjoy most about living in Southwood Park is that they “love neighborhood and the character of the homes.”

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