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Ambassador Enterprises to Remove 40 Ash Trees at “The Summit”

September 12, 2011

A letter we received from Ambassador Enterprises follows:

September 7, 2011

 Dear Valued Neighbor,

 We hope this letter finds you well.

 Our hope for this letter is to inform you of a few items as it pertains to the former Taylor Fort Wayne Campus.  Ambassador Campus Properties, LLC, the new owner of the campus and has re-named the property, “The Summit.” We are a local company with many ties to our Fort Wayne community.  We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and hope to keep you informed as exciting things start to happen.

 Since purchasing the campus in May, we have been assessing all items that need repaired or maintained. We have made progress with this in a few areas, including the re-paving of the parking lot.  One of the many items that needs to be addressed is the dead and dying trees.  We want to let you know that we are contracting with a reputable company, Asplundh, to remove 40+ dead or dying trees as well as doing some pruning to several others. Weather permitting, the work may begin as early as Saturday, September 10th and should be finished within a week. Thank you in advance for your understanding as there may be some noise or debris during that time from this work.

In addition to this email, approximately 30+ postal letters will be mailed to neighbors with property that is close to the area where the most activity will be concentrated. Please feel welcome to forward this to any of your neighbors or post the info on a neighborhood association website.

We look forward to great things in the future and are thankful that you are our neighbor.


Ryan Estes

Ambassador Enterprises,  direct  260-446-3218,       cell  260-687-9253


EDITOR’S NOTE:  I walked the woods on Friday and found that all the trees I saw marked with an “X” were ash trees. That was about 25 trees, so it isn’t unreasonable that another 15 ashes lurk elsewhere on campus. If the removals are limited to marked trees, this is nothing to be worried about, just something to be aware of.  —Steve McCord

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