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46807 Planning Events Scheduled

October 13, 2011

From our friends at

Please save the date for two upcoming 46807 events.

Event One:  A Summit at “The Summit” (The old Taylor University site on Rudisill) On October 29th from 9 to 2 in the dining hall of the campus.  At this event you can expect:

  • A large gathering of excited, involved residents and people who love 46807
  • A positive focus toward a better future
  • Lots of interaction
  • Specific next steps that will follow the meeting
  • Actions from the meeting that will create results
  • An opportunity to present and discuss your own ideas

Event Two: 46807 Fall Open House at the Philmore on Broadway from 2 to 5 pm on November 6th

Come enjoy the artistic excellence of 46807 residents, learn about the 46807 Quality of Life effort and the plan that is being developed and fellowship with your neighbors. Tables will be set up where people can learn about different areas of the 46807 plan and how to get involved. Complementary snacks and drinks will be served. Entertainment will be provided by 46807 musicians.

We’d love to see you at both events. Please share this information with your neighbors.

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