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“Lift and Level” Trip Hazard Requests Sent to City

October 13, 2011

Councilman Pape recently asked for neighborhood presidents to send lists of “lift and level” sidewalk trip hazards to the City for repair consideration. The “lift and level” method of repair requires intact and uncracked slabs of sidewalk concrete.

I went around the neighborhood on bike this morning looking for suitable candidates. Let me say this: there are many trip hazards, but many of those sections of sidewalk are cracked as well.

Depending on sidewalk condition, weather, demand, and the amount of money available in the city’s budget for this repair, the city will choose from among all the submissions from different neighborhoods. Repairs will be made at no cost to homeowners.

Some of my submissions may not be suitable. And I’m sure there are others that I didn’t see or feel as I was riding. There are no guarantees that any of these will be accepted, so I can’t guarantee that repairs will occur. I’m not an engineer, so I’m looking forward to seeing how many of these requests make the cut…

The following is a list of locations I submitted for Historic Southwood Park:

Arlington Avenue: 4616, 4706, 4714, 4718, 4830

 Beaver Avenue: 4218, 4222, 4239, 4244, 4534, 4601, 4615, 4626, 4629, 4701, 4704, 4728, 4733

Fairfield Avenue: 4812

 Foster Parkway: 820

 Indiana Avenue: 4101 (x2 on Branning side), 4202, 4222, 4315, 4601, 4606, 4622 (also on Sherwood Terrace side), 

Lexington Avenue: 826 (on Indiana side)

Maxine Drive: 1038 (on Beaver side)

Pembroke Lane: 4324

Prange Drive: 824, 902 (tree heave)

South Wayne Avenue: 4530, 4705, 4715

Tacoma Avenue: 3940 (West Foster Parkway side), 4002, 4026, 4116 (tree heave), 4210, 4222, 4234, 4308, 4324, 4410, 4424 (tree heave), 4426 (tree heave)

Westover Road: 1135 (on Beaver side)

— Steve McCord

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