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Ambassador Enterprises Buys Remainder of Taylor University Property on Rudisill

May 17, 2012

Ambassador Enterprises has purchased the remainder of the former Taylor University-Fort Wayne property.

The property in question is includes the “old” campus on the north side of Rudisill Boulevard.  Three buildings remain on the 3.5 acre property: Oakwood Apartments, Bethany Hall, and Schultz Hall.

Bethany and Schultz Halls remain on the Endangered List of local preservation group ARCH because of their important place in the development of this part of town and the important social impact of Fort Wayne Bible College and its successors.  A structural expert from Indiana Landmarks toured Schultz Hall and found the building to still be structurally sound following an arson fire in 2005. Founders Memorial Hall was demolished last year to remediate a leaking oil tank.

We hope that Ambassador will be able to find a use for Bethany and Shultz.  Since both buildings may still be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, they may also be eligible for federal and state rehabilitation tax credits.  Taylor University is a non-profit and wasn’t itself eligible for tax credits.  Ambassador is a for-profit philanthropic organization and may be able to take advantage of those tax credits.

Ambassador’s spokesman reported to the media that there are no immediate plans for the property.



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