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One June Southwood Park Award Home Raises the Curb Appeal Bar

June 1, 2012

Few Southwood Park homeowners enhance their front easements, but the owners of 4801 Tacoma Avenue have done just that.  What they have done with the park strip between their sidewalk and curb is getting rave reviews and an almost instant Home Award.

John Gevers, co-owner with Gregory Fryzel, didn’t rush his design stage but he did get his plan realized in five short weeks, finishing on May 6th to beat the heat.  From the low stacked stone wall to his plant selections, John’s work is top notch.  He, like his late father before him, calls himself an amateur landscaper but his innate talent is obvious. Gregory, a retired high school language teacher who has lived in the neighborhood since 1991, was wise to defer to John on the easement project; all he insisted on was the inclusion of a handsome lantern.  You can view John’s photos of the project on his Facebook page.  He’s a professional photographer as well as a budding landscape designer.

When I asked them both why they like living in Southwood Park I was overwhelmed by great answers.  Gregory appreciates that his neighborhood is friendly, peaceful and open to gays.  He paraphrased someone who once said “it bespeaks the best of middle America”.  He also loves the sense of community in the general area, noting helpful Southgate Kroger employees who sometimes call him “Honey”!  John was a bit more pragmatic, being appreciative of the convenient seven minute drive or 15 minute Greenway bike ride to his downtown office on Calhoun.  However, he did soften a bit to add how much he appreciated the compliments he received from both neighbors and strangers on his easement project.  I’m sure the June Home Award will be just as welcome.

— Pat Thomson

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