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One August 2012 Southwood Park Award Home Probably Won’t Be Their Last

August 3, 2012

Ben and Ann Marie Hall of 4623 Indiana purchased their Southwood Park Tudor style home in 2000.  Fast forward to 2012 and they have eight children:  Leah, Sam, Nicholas, Abigail, Rachel, Cora, Abraham, and Andrew.  So it may not be a surprise to learn they are thinking of moving into a larger house.  One in Southwood Park, of course!

Before that happens, they get to sport the Award Home sign to recognize the work they have done inside and out of their first family home.  Wherever they land in the neighborhood, it’s a good bet that their next home will be Award Home worthy before too long.

Inside, they restored original archways, woodwork, wall sconces, and crown moldings; updated the windows, kitchen and bathrooms; and did lots and lots of painting.   Outside, they repainted and added an attractive and practical fencing around the back yard.   A curb appeal favorite is the gardening Ann Marie does.   Her cheery annual plantings herald the changing seasons with bright, well-tended flowers.

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