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One September Award Home Winner Has a Long List of Likes

September 7, 2012
Janet Bilyew owns the home at 4717 Beaver Avenue.  When asked why she likes her neighborhood, she rattled off a grand list: she loves the neighbors, loves walking her dog, loves early morning walks with a neighborhood friend, loves that people look out for each other, loves the security she feels here, and loves the trees and the diverse architectural styles.
Moving here in 2005 from Huntington, Janet actually missed out on attempts to buy two other Beaver houses before she locked in the deal for 4717.  She then went to work to make it her own by adding a deck in the back with french doors for access, reusing the window that the doors replaced on another wall to limit a not-so-great view, building an addition on the side to add a second bath, and toning down the paint colors.  Lots of work was done, all honoring the house’s classic and very appealing style.
Watch to see this house on our 2015 ARCH home tour.  One more item to Janet’s list of neighborhood likes is her love of her Beaver Avenue home!
— Pat Thomson
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