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One October 2012 Award Home Has Never Had a Realtor

October 11, 2012
4009 Indiana was designed and built in 1950 by the city’s Building Commissioner.  Fast forward to 1985 when that man’s family was thinking of selling and when Doug and Pam Barcalow were looking for a home near the Fort Wayne Bible College (now Ambassador).  They purchased their custom built brick bungalow then, no real estate agent involved.  Fast forward again to 2012 to see the improvements Doug and Pam have made over the past 27 years.  There’s a brick (matching the original brick) and glass sunroom addition overlooking the back garden, lots of new concrete and more brick work in the front, handsome wood and tile floors done by Doug inside, and back and front gardens filled with many lovely ornamental grasses.  The front grasses hide a private patio that may next year don a pergola.
That patio is the Barcalow’s version of a front porch and it’s the many front porches in Southwood Park that top the list of Doug and Pam’s neighborhood favorites.  Add to that sidewalks, trees, dogs, neighbors, and children.  For the Barcalows, there seems to be nothing not to like.  Don’t expect to see a “For Sale” sign anytime soon in front of their lovely home.
— Pat Thomson
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