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One June 2013 Award Home was an Original Kit House

June 1, 2013

Bob and Susan Hansbarger have a pattern.  When looking for a house, they never pick one that’s move-in ready.  Instead, they go in with a plan to work on it, fix it up, make a little profit on it, and then be on their way.  In the time they’ve been married, they’ve lived in 9 different houses across the country, always making sure to leave it better than when they arrived.

Their darling home at 4234 Tacoma is no different.  When they moved in 3 years ago, the house was sloppily painted and the backyard was a mess of dirt and weeds.  Since then, they’ve painted the exterior, re-carpeted and re-painted every room, and completely redid the backyard with low-maintenance landscaping, a hot tub, and a walkway designed by Bob himself.  Susan says the interior is pretty much done, but they’re still working on perfecting the front and side landscaping.

4234 Tacoma; Bob & Susan Hansbarger; June 2013

Bob and Susan have taken great care to protect the historical integrity of their home, which is one of the original kit houses in Fort Wayne.  According to the Southwood Park Historic District guide, it is Harris Home No. M-1526 by the Harris Brothers Company of Chicago.  The layout matches the original floor plan almost exactly, except for the kitchen, which was extended by 5 feet during construction.

This adorable home has now become their final accomplishment, as they plan to move to Tennessee once they retire in a couple years. But Susan imagines finding a new owner won’t be too hard. Even their own son jokes about buying the house after they leave.

— Kelly Benton

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  1. Cheryl McCarthy permalink
    June 13, 2013 5:37 pm

    Great write up and beautiful house!

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