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One August 2013 Award Home Winner is Following in Her Parents’ Footsteps

August 2, 2013

4607 Beaver

Three years ago, Abigail and Justin Davis chose the house at 4607 Beaver to start their newlywed life. “We were just driving through the neighborhood one day and fell in love with it,” said Abigail. Little did they know, they were just a couple blocks away from the home where Abigail was born. Abigail’s parents had also chosen Southwood Park to start their married life together, living in a house on Westover for 7 years.

Now that Abigail and Justin are here, they can’t picture living anywhere else. The unique character of all the homes is what originally drew them in, but over time, they’ve found more to love. “We like that everyone takes such pride in their homes, and you can tell they really care about keeping the integrity of the older homes—both inside and out,” said Abigail.

The couple has taken that mantra to heart in fixing up their own home. Since moving in, they’ve replaced all the double-hung windows, removed a drop ceiling in the kitchen, refinished all the hardwood floors, and added some lovely curb appeal. The thing they haven’t touched are the unique arched windows in their living room. “It’s one of the things that originally drew our eye to the house,” said Justin.

You won’t see Abigail and Justin leaving any time soon, though. “We’ll be here,” Just said, “at least until it’s paid off!” And even if they decide to move, they’ll definitely stay in the neighborhood. “We’re so comfortable here,” said Abigail.

-Kelly Benton

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