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Crime Alert

September 19, 2013
There have been a number of burglaries and attempted burglaries in our neighborhood and the surrounding area over the last ten days.

Here is what Deputy Chief Steve Haffner of FWPD had to say about the situation at the September meeting of the Southwest Area Partnership:

“The big focus right now in the southwest quadrant is in Southwood Park. There have been a lot of burglaries. It started out with detached garages, and has turned to homes… cash, purses, small electronics, car keys. One person just had his car stolen. There have been 69 burglaries in the Southwest Division (which covers everything from downtown to Aboite to the Airport) this month. That’s up 51%. There were 90 burglaries in the month of August. The Burglar Suppression Unit is flexing their hours and working overtime to be in the area more.

2 to 6 AM is the biggest time for these break-ins.

There are currently 5 extra officers in the area, with more on the way, the Neighborhood Response Team. (Deputy Chief Haffner is) putting as many men in the neighborhood as possible, and giving them as much overtime as possible. They have a few suspects that go by that mode of operation – cutting the screens, so they are keeping an eye out for them. He encourages everyone to continue being vigilant about locking windows and doors and leaving their front porch lights on. Keep your bushes trimmed. Please tell your neighbors who may not be in this group or aware of the situation.”
  • Keep your cars emptied of valuables.  Keep your garages secured.
  • Keep your storm windows, windows, and doors locked.
  • Check your screens for signs of tampering.
  • Use your porch lights.
  • Keep an eye out for anything suspicious.  Some suspects have used bicycles.  Many have used alleys.
  • Phone 911 for anything in progress.
  • Phone the FWPD desk sergeant at 427-1222 to report ANYTHING suspicious, especially at night.

Be safe.  Stay vigilant.  Report anything suspicious.  Don’t be afraid to make calls to keep our neighborhood a great place to live.

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