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One October 2013 Award Home Winner Appreciates the Character

October 5, 2013


Jonathan and Nicole Busarow’s commencement into the neighborhood was anything but ordinary. Their new home at 4005 Indiana had a recently-flipped interior, but 2 years of vacancy had done a number on the landscaping. “We moved in the day after that big storm [last July],” said Nicole. Without electricity, and with most of their windows painted shut, they took to the yard. “Since the city was picking up all the debris, we just started cutting down the jungle that was in the backyard.”

They’ve made small improvements since then, mostly focusing on the exterior of the house. Their home now boasts new gutters, a new garage door, a patio in the backyard, new flower beds, and a vegetable garden. Their front porch includes a unique focal point… a porch swing that Nicole’s father made out of recycled milk jugs. “You don’t have to stain it, and it doesn’t get splinters,” Nicole said.

Built in 1909, their home is one of the oldest on the block. “I tore some stuff out of the rafters in our basement, and a kid’s toy fell out… a GI Joe or something,” Jonathan said. “To be a part of a house that’s so old… it really lets us have a glimpse into the past.” The couple enjoys seeing old maps and aerial photographs of the city, and trying to guess where their house might have been located.

Their favorite thing about living in Southwood Park is the people. “We’re so fortunate that we have great neighbors here,” said Jonathan. “It seems like there is always something going on, and it’s very family-friendly here.”

As for their house, they have an appreciation for an older home’s character (which, as Jonathan joked, is just a code word for “costs a lot of money to fix things”). They told me that living in a small house may not be what most people consider ideal, but it’s just perfect for them. “People say, ‘Oh, you’re starting a family. Are you looking for a bigger house?’” Nicole laughed and rolled her eyes, “It seems like enough for us.” The couple plans to be here for quite a few years.

-Kelly Benton

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