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One June 2014 Award Home Winner is Staying Put

June 4, 2014

4404 Beaver Southwood Park Fort Wayne

For Christine and Tim Birkmeijer, choosing a home in Southwood Park was a no-brainer. Tim had grown up in the neighborhood, just around the corner from where they currently live. “Tim lived here and loved it,” said Christine. “It just felt like home.”

Now, after living in their home at 4404 Beaver for 16 years, they know they made the right choice… and don’t see themselves leaving anytime soon.

One of the family’s favorite things about living where they do is the family-friendly nature of the neighborhood.  “Tonight, [the kids] were able to just ride their bikes to a friend’s house to go swimming,” said Christine. “They’re old enough that they can just run the neighborhood, and it feels safe.”

16 years has seen a lot of changes to their home. On the outside, they updated the landscaping, redid their brick pillars, and added a deck out back. “We’ve redone almost every room on the inside… and starting to do it again!” Christine laughs. The newest renovation has been finishing part of the basement so the kids have somewhere to hang out.

“The only stuff that’s really gone wrong with the house is the add-on,” said Christine. “The original part of the house is the least amount of trouble.”

Christine recalls a story from when they first purchased the home. They were staying at a friend’s lake house, and wanted to show them a video they made of their new house… complete with Christine and Tim’s on-screen commentary about how terrible the wallpaper and décor was. However, in the room with them, watching the video, was one of the previous owners of the home. “Yeah, that was my wife’s signature wallpaper,” he chimed in.

Christine cringed uncomfortably and replied, “Well… it was on there very well!”

-Kelly Benton

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