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One July 2014 Award Home was Completely Rebuilt

July 7, 2014

Carol and Allen Ward were raising their seven children in a 4-story home on the southeast side of Fort Wayne. “All day long, it was just up and down stairs with all those kids,” Carol said. A friend of Allen’s, who was a Realtor in the Southwood Park area, gave them a call, promising the perfect house for their growing family.

Enter 4802 Old Mill. Just down the block from Allen’s parents, and boasting a whopping 6,000 square foot layout, it was perfect. “We both fell in love with it,” said Carol. “It was lovely.” So they moved there in 1971.

4802 Old Mill before the fire. Photo courtesy Google.

4802 Old Mill before the fire. Photo courtesy Google.

The upstairs was one huge bedroom where all four boys slept. The three girls slept downstairs in one room. The Wards spent a blissful 39 years in that home, watching their children move out one-by-one.

Allen passed away in 2010. Two years later, on August 2, 2012, their home experienced a devastating fire. The 60-year-old house was completely unsalvageable. “I was blown away that they had to take it all down,” said Carol.

Faced with the decision on what to do next, Carol knew two things: First, that she wasn’t going to leave Southwood Park. “I didn’t want to look for a lot somewhere in a whole new area,” said Carol. “This is home.” Second, she knew that rebuilding her massive home wasn’t necessary. “It was a lovely home to raise a batch of kids, but I don’t need it now.”


Carol now lives in the newest house in the neighborhood. It’s small in comparison to the old home, but quite large on it’s own, with 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, a full finished basement, a living room, family room, and den. Her daughter, Kim, helped her pick out all the finishings, and Carol is quite happy with her current home.

– Kelly Benton

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