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September Award Home Owner Preparing for 2015 ARCH Home Tour

September 5, 2014
4822 Beaver - Voight - Sep 2014
Just up from Pettit, with a view of a favorite pocket garden, is the home of Susan Voigt the artist, Jamie the daughter, and Savannah the dog.  Susan found Southwood Park and fell in love with its character houses and curvy streets while living in Oakdale.  She soon favored our neighborhood for dog walks.  Now that she’s lived here for 10+ years, she can add the close knit community feeling she gets from our neighborhood is another reason to love living here.  
About Susan the artist, her works are currently on display at the Canal Street Gallery in Winona Lake and at the Arena Dinner Theater in West Central.  Her artwork has also been featured GLO magazine covers.  Her home studio is in her
sunroom (northern light), and she also enjoys painting outdoors too.  
About Susan the homeowner, she does have projects planned to complete before the Tour.  Her kitchen will definitely be getting a do-over to improve its flow and, maybe, the front entrance will be getting a porch and new garden.  There are completed projects worth mentioning too … bathroom updates (one has a walk-in shower with a clever bench) and a charming back garden with a pergola.  Susan’s done a lot of work on her home, and has learned remodeling lessons the hard way a few times (don’t we all). Her advice to us all?  Check references and don’t rush decisions.


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