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Fort-4-Fitness Was Another Success

October 1, 2014

Thousands of runners and walkers passed through Historic Southwood Park last Saturday in the Fort-4-Fitness Half Marathon and 10K events.

Many Southwood Park residents were out clapping, cheering and encouraging the runners as they passed.  We’ve even heard about some who handed out waffles and beer to a lucky few.  The Association placed forty street signs, two banners, and – through the help of lots of neighbors – sidewalk chalked two blocks of South Wayne Avenue to cheer on participating neighbors, friends, and strangers.

The runners’ aching muscles have soothed and the rain has washed away the chalk, but the memories of the well-wishes linger on.  Thank you to everyone who came out!

chalk 5

Here are a few quotes taken from Facebook:

  • I ran the half and was proud that my neighborhood was out in force. Definitely helped! Thanks, all!
  • “It was so wonderful!!! Thank you to everyone for coming out to cheer us all on. You have no idea how much it helps!”
  • “Yes! Great turnout SWP. We are located at the beginning of the toughest part of the course. THE LAST 5K. ugh. Mile 10 is always a brick wall for me. And South Wayne has those long slow hills that really beat you down. So all the cheering was nice to hear! I LOVE SWP”
  • “The art work and signs were awesome. Nothing like running through your own neighborhood and seeing all the support.”
  • “Awesome job, SWP! We’ve heard lots of good comments!”
  • “Looked great and good turnout of cheering crowds this year!”

We’re already looking forward to Fort-4-Fitness 2015!

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