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November’s Home Award Winner Knows His Real Estate

November 7, 2014

We never saw a “For Sale” sign at 4723 Tacoma when Leah Newcomb bought it in 2012, nor in 2013 when Leah moved on and sold it to her brother Kyle.  It was an unanticipated but smart purchase for Kyle, coming after Leah’s updates to the house were just about done … a lot by Kyle himself.  Besides the work he had done on the house (never suspecting he’d own it), and being a real estate agent himself, Kyle knows he has a great house in a great neighborhood.  He especially loves the diverse character and people of Southwood Park.  He shows lots of houses in neighborhoods all over town but we’re his favorite.

4723 Tacoma - Kyle Newcomb - November 2014

You might not have realized there’s a new owner here but the curb appeal improvements are definitely noticeable.  The red metal awnings and dead/dying trees were removed, the original wood shutters and trim went from red to ecru, and the landscape was rejuvenated with roses, shrubs and a new lawn.   A “good bones” house, the inside updates were wisely chosen, tastefully executed, and preserved original features, e.g., tiling, moldings, flooring, doors, and fireplaces.  What’s next?  Kyle is planning at least three more phases: convert the attic to a master suite, finish the basement, and create a private patio area.  All value-added changes to a real estate agent.

Kyle is well aware of community, being active in Big Brothers Big Sisters and Fort Wayne Trails.  Besides improving his little corner of Southwood Park, it’s clear that he enjoys and cares about the neighborhood as well.  Hopefully, he and his dog Porsche will call this home for a long time to come.

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