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Truly Invested in Southwood Park – May 2015 Award Home

May 5, 2015

This month’s award recognizes Historic Southwood Park homeowners who are truly invested in our neighborhood. Dan and Kendra Saurer, along with baby son Vance and dog Abby, live at 1211 Sunset Drive. They are proud young homeowners AND co-owners of The Friendly Fox. Who hasn’t enjoyed a meal, coffee, wine/beer, or summer ice cream treat there? We are more than lucky to have “The Fox” so nearby.

1211 Sunset - May 2015 - Dan and Kendra Saurer

Running a successful restaurant is demanding, but Dan and Kendra,who met when they both worked at Catablu, find time to keep their new (year old) home’s curb appeal in tiptop shape and to do lots of walking with Vance and Abby. Like most who win this award, they praise the walkability and architectural diversity of Southwood Park. Kendra has gone a step further, naming her favorite walk-by homes “The Castle”, “The Brady Bunch House”, “The Cigar House”, etc… have fun guessing which is which.

I’m proud to announce that The Friendly Fox will be catering our ARCH Home Tour party on June 26th (yum). Stop by The Fox to pick up a postcard about the party when you can, and, if you remember in October, stop by again to wish The Friendly Fox a happy 5th anniversary!

— Pat Thomson

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