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Entrepreneur Village Proposed for West Rudisill

May 13, 2015

The Summit and Brightpoint (formerly CANI) are proposing an Entrepreneur Village for the old Taylor campus in the 800 block of West Rudisill.  There will be a second meeting at 6:30 on May 27th at 1025 W. Rudisill to gather public comment and answer questions.  This could be an interesting development.

Read the Journal Gazette’s story here:

View an invitation letter here: CANI-Ambassador letter 04.27.15

We will post more information as it becomes available.

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  1. Kathy Stone permalink
    June 9, 2015 1:24 pm

    I attended the Plan Commission hearing last night and found out some interesting details. Ambassador Enterprises has petitioned to have the residential zoning changed to commercial of which MANY people opposed. Another thing that was kept hush hush is that they will accept non violent felons with a criminal record. The crimes include Drug Trafficking, manufacture and possession, prostitution, burglary, grand theft auto and more. I found their presentation to be nothing more than a sugar coated version of a low income housing project right in the middle of our neighborhoods. Ambassador is donating the land…AKA dumping a property that is of no use to them and will save maintenance BrightPoint for this project. When asked who will in charge of supervising what goes on there, their attorney replied “the surrounding neighborhoods”. There were many other important points that were brought up such as sewage problems, inadequate parking, no guarantee the plan for the new buildings and tree removal will not change. The future tenants will not be asked to leave if they do not succeed in their artisan/entrepreneur goals, they can live there regardless of the plan. A local landlord spoke on how difficult it is to evict unsavory tenants, difficult’y in policing activity etc. There is also a lot of concern over how hastily they are moving to get the project going, not enough information, etc. The zoning issue was the biggest concern as those opposed stated…It’s virtually impossible to return to a residential zoning once it has been changed to a commercial zoning. What will the prope rty turn into if this plan doesn’t work out. Many non profits lose grants, etc…will there be less staff if this happens? There is so much to be concerned with here and I do not believe Ambassador wanted too many of the residents in the surrounding areas to know about this. They said they had three mailings notifying residents of upcoming meetings, I received but one, the meeting was the following day. Many people I’ve spoken to received no letters and have no idea what’s going on. There will be a decision made and announced at the next Plan Commission Hearing on Monday, June 15 at 6:00. Unfortunately, it is too late to speak to them with concerns but if they approve the zoning change, it will go to the City Council next. Those who are concerned and opposed to the plan may attend this meeting. I was very proud to see the hearing room filled last night with standing room only and very impressed with all the neighbors who got up and spoke against this absurd idea. This is not an appropriate area for their goals.

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