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Vintage Home Wins Over the Hearts of Contemporary Home Owners – July 2015 Award Home

July 1, 2015
1255 Sunset - John and Lee Ann Fizer - July 2015
Less than a year ago, when John and Lee Ann Fizer were looking for a smaller alternative to their large contemporary, they found almost all of what they sought in their “new” house at 1255 Sunset Drive:  2-story older period home near Lee Ann’s mother, with attached garage and great windows with views of pleasant gardens.   “Pleasant gardens”  were lacking but John is a thoughtful and knowledgeable gardener who wasted no time in starting to create those desired window views last fall, taking advantage of late season sales to plant flowering shrubs and ornamental trees that realize the all-season interest and flow he wanted in his front gardens.  It’s a great curb appeal improvement, one that his neighbors noticed and nominated.  Next, John will focus his landscaping talent on the back garden, what he already calls “a work in progress”.  Also, John and Lee Ann have a major kitchen renovation in their future.  Definitely, the Fizer’s are in Southwood Park to stay.  Perhaps they’ll even want show of their gardens and home in our next ARCH Home & Garden Tour.

— Pat Thomson

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