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Second Chance Garage Sales on August 8th!

August 7, 2015

We’ll have our “Second Chance” neighborhood-wide Garage Sale tomorrow – August 8th.  We have advertised for the area between Fairfield, Foster Park, Pettit and Rudisill, which is more than just our association. It’s too hard to explain association boundaries in the classifieds! 🙂 So… that’s well more than 1,100 potential homes!

Got stuff?  Sell it!  Want stuff?  Buy it!

Here’s a couple helpful tips for the uninitiated:

  • Park off the street if possible.  It’s going to get crowded!
  • Use some balloons or a sign to let people know you’re participating in case your sale isn’t in the front yard or easily visible.
  • Mark your items and have plenty of change.

garage-saleThe sale will be advertised in both Fort Wayne newspapers.  The Association will place signs in our various pocket garden locations.  To avoid missing signs or complaints, please refrain from placing private signs in the public right-of-way whenever possible.


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