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Welcome Fort4Fitness to Southwood Park! Chalk Night on Friday. Race on Saturday.

September 23, 2015

Saturday September 26th is Fort4Fitness race day!  Here are some things you’ll want to know:

  1.  Historic Southwood Park will be having a “Chalk Night” on Friday night between 5 and 6PM.  Bring the kids to South Wayne Avenue (between Pasadena and Sherwood Terrace) and let them cover the street with encouraging messages for the half marathon and 4 mile participants.  The street will be blocked, we will provide chalk, and we will have water and freezer pops.
  2. Fort4Fitness brings thousands of people through the neighborhood.  Take the opportunity to show off what makes Southwood Park great!  Make a party of it.  Put out signs. Play music.  Have fun!
  3. The opportunity to have the race here comes with a small cost:  parking and travel.  If you’re on the route, park in your driveway or garage to give the street to the runners.  If you have somewhere to be, plan accordingly using this road closure guide and course map.

2010Ft4Fitness10       2010Ft4Fitness2 2010Ft4Fitness1

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