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Seasons of Change

November 21, 2015

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Winter says "hello" to fall today in Southwood Park.

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The calendar says fall, but it looked like winter today.

That isn’t the only thing that is changing.  Here are some of changing items of interest:

Southwood Park Changing on Facebook

Our neighborhood’s presence on Facebook has grown considerably in the past few years. As a result, Facebook needs us to transition to an organization page, moving away from the “personal” style page that we used until this time.

We will be moving as many of the posts and photos to this page as is practical over the coming days or weeks. We will also transition the “neighborhood group” to this page.

Thanks for your understanding and thanks for “liking” Southwood Park!  You can like us at: Historic Southwood Park

Board Candidates Sought

Interested in making a difference in Historic Southwood Park?

Consider running for Board of Directors! Five three-year terms will be put to an election this year. Candidates must be property owners in the Association and current on their dues. Please contact us at or phone Steve McCord at 745-8070 for more information.

Please apply as soon as possible.


City Leaf Collection Coming Soon (We hope!)

There are piles of leaves under the snow right now.  Last week was supposed to be our week for City leaf pickup, but high winds and rain have apparently put them behind schedule.  Since Thanksgiving week is supposed to be a make-up week, we hope Southwood Park gets cleaned of leaves very soon.

If you have bagged leaves, call 311 for pickup.  Follow pickup progress at  

If you feel like you’ve been missed, call 311!

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