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Tell-Tale Signs

August 1, 2017
Our “Second Chance” Garage Sale is this Saturday, August 5.
The Association places ads in both Fort Wayne newspapers. We place signs around the edge of the neighborhood to help visitors find our sales.
But each time we have a sale, signs are stolen. They cost $15-$20 each.
Some are hijacked for other garage sales. And some of those are trashed by other associations that “police” sale signs. Board members recently came home to a stash of stolen signs placed at our front doors. We get emails complaining about “your people are placing signs on our street – we threw them away”. Most simply vanish without a trace – 5 new signs this June alone.
**** Please don’t place signs in other associations.
**** We’ll place signs at the edge of the Association so you don’t have to.
**** Please don’t dispose our signs. That’s as bad as stealing them. We will collect them at the end of sale day.
**** “Sign Amnesty”: If you find an Association sign that has been stolen (not private signs), you can return it to 4125 Indiana Avenue and put it on the porch. We’ll be glad to have them back in proper use!
Steve McCord, Board President

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