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Foster Park Retrieval Shaft Work Begins

November 20, 2017

Visitors to Foster Park will notice the large work area north of the main entrance.  Are you wondering what it is? How long will it be there?

City Utilities is constructing a deep rock tunnel to divert combined sewer overflow from our rivers to the wastewater treatment plant.  Tunnel boring will begin near Memorial Park, will follow the Maumee and St. Marys Rivers and end at Foster Park.  A retrieval shaft will be dug and blasted beginning January 2018.  Trees and landscaping have already been removed to prepare for this work.

It will take several years to dig the tunnel and the tunnel boring machine to be pulled out of the retrieval shaft. After the tunnel comes connecting sewer work and open cut sewer installation near Hartman Road through the park.  We might expect the project to be done in 2025.  For the next eight years, this will be the “new normal” as this necessary work is done.  City officials say restoration work in the park will be first-rate.  Our neighborhoods will push hard for restoration to be done well.

City Utiliites invited residents from nearby neighborhoods to a meeting October 25.  You can view the PowerPoint presentation here or visit for information.

Neighbors and association will be invited to future meetings to be briefed on project progress.  Historic Southwood Park Neighborhood Association feels strongly that construction traffic be routed the shortest route to and from the quarry – north on Broadway to Bluffton Road.  It would be unnecessarily disruptive and damaging for trucks to use Old Mill Road going south.

Please watch your mail and for updates on this long-term endeavor.

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