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Sign Our Petition. We Need Dependable Garbage and Recycling Collection.

June 8, 2018

Red River Waste Solutions became the garbage and recycling contractor for the City of Fort Wayne on January 1, 2018.  Since that time, trash and recycling pickup for residents and ratepayers has been unreliable.  There were many missed pickups in winter.  There have been many missed pickups in summer.  Many of these problems go unresolved for days.

If it doesn’t get better, we may have to change the city flag.


Red River has blamed this poor track record on many things.  Poor weather has been blamed.  Sickness among workers has been blamed.  Equipment malfunction has been blamed.  New drivers and crews have been blamed.  Yard waste season has been blamed.  And reported in a recent News-Sentinel article, even city residents have been blamed.

Six months to learn the job is more than enough time for Red River.  We Fort Wayne residents are tired of missed pickups.  We are tired of having to report misses to 311. We are tired of watching trucks pass blocks of unemptied bins.  We are tired of seeing and smelling overflowing garbage bins.

We want the City of Fort Wayne to hold Red River Waste Solutions accountable for its inaction.  We want the City to impose penalties for missed contract targets.

We simply want the trash and recycling trucks to run on schedule. That surely isn’t too much to ask, is it?

Sign our petition HERE:

This petition will be delivered to City Council and the Mayor before a June 19 meeting where this issue will be discussed.  Please sign.  Please continue to report missed trash and recycling pickups to the City 311 Call Center or report online to


Steve McCord

President – Historic Southwood Park Board of Directors

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