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Possible Break in Recent Area Burglaries

December 14, 2018

Deputy Chief Haffner reported a possible break in the recent thefts.  Here it is:

“We had 4 reported Burglaries reported in December. Times are:

1. 0745-2015 Broken Window

2. 0830-1200 Forced door

3. 0800-1400 Back window open

4. 0700-1500 Pushed in AC wall unit to gain entry

So during the day it appears to be the times most occurred.

We did arrest 2 juveniles last night 3400 Beaver who were breaking into cars. We had been looking for them they just turned 14 and 16 years old. The have been stealing cars, using drugs (had some in their possession when arrested) NO parent supervision, had not been in school in some time, had warrants out for their arrest…. Word has it they were kicking in doors and burglarizing homes, so related ??? I will keep an eye out for the next week or so to see if we have anymore but I assume these 2 may have some responsibility.”

Meanwhile, keep using good crime prevention practices and call 911 whenever you see something suspicious.

Regarding neighbors’ questions about the Security Patrol: It is still running, mostly late at night to combat the ever-present problem of thefts from cars. 4 patrols per 24 hours, totaling 3 hours time per day. The Association has asked them to be as visible as possible.

You can always contact the Association at

Thank you,

Steve McCord  –  Board of Directors President

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