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Rudisill-Old Mill Detours to begin July 8, 2019

June 12, 2019

The City of Fort Wayne hosted a “Meet the Contractor” for the Rudisill Boulevard sewer project on June 10th.  Residents had a chance to meet people supervising the project and to ask questions.

The City has an agreement with the federal EPA to reduce the amount and the number of sewage overflows into our rivers.  A deep rock tunnel is being to route sewage to the wastewater treatment plant near Memorial Park.  The tunnel follows rivers upstream to Foster Park, where the largest combined sewer overflow point is located, and the end of Rudisill Boulevard.  The Rudisill sewer is more than ten feet in diameter!  Learn more about the tunnel project by following this link:

A 35’ deep connection between the Rudisill sewer and the deep rock tunnel has to be constructed under the intersection of Rudisill, Old Mill, and Broadway.  To do this safely, the road must be closed.  It is expected to be closed for at least 300 days, or ten months.  Workers will not begin shifts before 7AM.  Work days may adjust for available daylight through the seasons.


THE ROAD CLOSURE AND DETOURS ARE EXPECTED TO BEGIN JULY 8.  Please help minimize the impact to neighbors in our association and surrounding neighborhoods: be courteous and stick to detour routes.  There is no magic shortcut.
The marked detour to the Bluffton Road bridge is Fairfield to Creighton to Broadway.  We would just remind neighbors of the other ways to reach points across the river:  Jefferson Blvd., Taylor St., Hale Ave. and Airport Expressway.

The marked detour to Foster Park and the Foster Park neighborhood is Old Mill to Lexington to Fairfield. The City is planning to make the north side of Lexington Avenue NO PARKING.   If you can move your vehicles from the detour route, make the effort.  We don’t want to have damage to parked cars.  If you live in the southern half of Southwood Park or in Woodhurst, we would suggest using Pettit Avenue to reach Fairfield, the detour route, or other bridges to cross the river.

The City is considering other traffic calming devices like speed humps and added patrols by FWPD.  The City wants to hear from neighborhood associations and citizens so it can adjust traffic control if it proves necessary.  The City’s project manager is Zack Schaefer and his email is   When the City posts its June 10 presentation online, we will post it here.

Share your thoughts with the association at

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