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Help Replant Southwood Park

March 22, 2020

Free White Oak seedlings are available – while they last – at two locations: 4125 Indiana Avenue and 4617 Arlington Avenue.  Plant them in your yard and take care of your new “tree baby”!  Instructions are at the end of this article.

Once upon a time, parts of Southwood Park were covered in valuable trees.  The developers referred to it as a “forest primeval”.  The photo below shows a map of a small portion of the neighborhood, the 4200 block of Tacoma Avenue.  All of the dots on the map were mature trees that existed at that time. White Oak was the most common tree on the map.  Many came down as houses were built, and many others died over the last century. Of all the dots on the map of that block, less than half a dozen still stand.

The 2019 year end survey showed that we highly value our mature urban tree canopy. But just like everything else, we have a part to play in maintaining that tree canopy.

The Association Board is doing several things to help our tree canopy:
1)  We are compiling a list of folks requesting a City street tree, paid by the Association.  Several people let us know they are interested.  Thank you! (We’ll let you know when we hear updates.)
2)  Historic Southwood Park is cooperating with Historic Fairmont to request dozens of trees from the City on Fairfield Avenue from Rudisill to Pettit.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed.
and 3)  Southwood Park purchased 100 white oak seedlings from the Indiana Department of Forestry that you can plant in your yard.

If you have a place in your yard, not too close to wires or buildings, please pick one up and help replant our urban forest.  Keep the wood in SouthWOOD Park.

Instruction link below:

Thanks for picking up a White Oak seedling




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