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Arlington Avenue Water Main Replacement

April 17, 2020

Wondering why all the construction equipment has taken over South Wayne Avenue?  It’s for water main replacement on Arlington Avenue!  It will probably be there through mid-summer.

Here’s a Facebook message from our good friends in Historic Fairmont Neighborhood:

“Neighbors, as we hunker down in quarantine, those on Arlington Ave can expect another once in a lifetime event. We’ve been told the water main replacement work will begin in about two weeks, starting at Pettit and moving north block by block.

If you live on Arlington, you should have received a mailing at the beginning of March, offering to replace the lead water line into your house for $1999 (well below the current market rate).
If you didn’t respond to that mailing, you probably received another mailing yesterday, with a postage paid envelope asking you to send the appropriate form if you do or do not want lead free service to your house. The requirement to have the contract for the service notarized has been waived in light of the quarantine. Please mail either the contract to have the service done, or the form that says you decline the offer as soon as possible. Thanks!”

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