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Answers for Solid Waste Issues; Dumpster Available April 25

April 20, 2020

Today’s Journal Gazette has an interview with the City’s solid waste manager, Matt Gratz.  The article hit on a few issues we have in Southwood Park.  Here are somehights:

  • Due to COVID, waste workers are on the frontline.  For safety, they will ONLY pickup items from your cart.  No boxes.  No bulk items. No yard waste bags.
  • Bag your trash.  Lots of people place loose items in the bins, and those blow out of the bins and truck, especially if your truck is a smaller truck designed for alley service.  Help keep our alleys clean!
  • The CDC recommends double-bagging if anyone in your house may be sick.
  • Yard waste can be taken to the Biosolids Handling Facility, 6202 Lake Avenue. $1 per 100 pounds.
  • Those holding back bulk items, move-out/clean-out or construction debris could contact one of the disposal companies like Advanced Disposal, Bunn Box, or Republic Services. A fee will apply.
  • Also mentioned: associations can request a dumpster for the day.

Read the entire article here:

Good news!  The Association already scheduled a dumpster for THIS SATURDAY, APRIL 25. Thanks to the City, we will have a dumpster at the Beaver and Westover corner at 8AM.  The dumpster will be hauled away between noon and 2PM.  Come early!  Bring your yard waste!  Pitch those items that you couldn’t fit in your regular trash bin during the stay-at-home-purge. No electronics, tires, or toxics, please.




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