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May 2020 Award Home Was Worth a Second Look

May 2, 2020


There are times in life when things are worth a second look. This was the case for Shannon Ulrick nearly five years ago. Scouring Southwood Park over six months for a home for herself and young daughter and having been a resident of West Rudisill, she knew our neighborhood well and was committed to finding her next home here.


She had toured 4331 Indiana Avenue during the winter of 2015 and it didn’t seem like a good fit. She was plagued with typical buyer issues; unable to see beyond wall colors, the sellers furniture and personal belongings and quickly scratched it from her list and continued her search. Many months later with no suitable prospects in sight, her realtor recommended she revisit the Indiana home with fresh eyes, reimagining it with her own furniture and colors. Fortunately, the second look revealed a different perspective. Able to look past the former issues her renewed interest gave confidence that this would be a fine home for her family and she made an offer. SOLD!


Since purchasing it nearly five years ago, she has repainted all of the rooms, bringing a Caribbean blue to an accent wall in her living room, recarpeted bedrooms, added new rugs, repainted the fireplace white, with a warm grey on many other walls that enhances the natural oak trim and a beautiful built-in stained glass buffet in the dining room.


Special attention has been paid to outdoor living spaces. The enclosed front porch and backyard deck are furnished with new vibrant cushioned patio furniture, a rug, retro filament bulb lights and flowers. She placed comfortable furniture and a small wall mounted tv and lights on the front porch which she also reroofed in a snappy copper material and now uses it year round.


She has removed many old shrubs down the north side of the property and reshaped and replanted all of the front and side beds. Shannon appreciates her neighbors who were friendly and welcoming from the day she moved in and have remained so, as well as the walkers she sees and chats with from her front porch and yard.

She reflects, “Our neighborhood is a very unique place and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I feel very safe here and with an 11 year old daughter that is important to me. I don’t see myself moving anytime in the near future. I love my house, it’s actually 100 years old this year and it’s the first home I have purchased on my own and I am proud of it. It is decorated to tell a story of my daughter and I and there is still more I want to do but that will come in time.”


We feel the same about our neighborhood, there is always more to do in a 103 year old place. But people and effort make the difference and in time we will get there. Congratulations on your May home award, Shannon. We are glad you thought 4331 Indiana Avenue was worth another look. 🏡

~Erika Stuller


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