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Update on Rudisill-Broadway Closure

May 16, 2020
Rudisill-Broadway aerial photo

Aerial showing over all size of the construction work. Behind the green fence is the retrieval shaft in Foster Park. The consolidation sewer grabs flow from the intersection and will drop it down to the tunnel. You can see the challenge of the northeast corner of Broadway/Rudisill for pedestrians if things were opened for two-way traffic.


Representatives from five neighborhoods met with City Utilities for an update on the Rudisill-Broadway sewer consolidation work that began last summer and has caused detours through Southwood Park and Oakdale. City Utilities presented two options for input.

The first was partially opening the Broadway/Rudisill intersection in early June.  Traffic would have been restricted to two lanes through through a very narrow passage.  It would have been subject to periodic detours.  This option did not reopen Old Mill Road to Rudisill.  This option would have extended road work until February 2021.

The second option was allowing Rudisill-Broadway to remain closed – as it is currently – until September 2020 to allow almost all work to be completed more quickly and more safely.  This would allow repairs to the Hartman Road sewer to be completed in this stage of construction, helping avoid a possible emergency situation if it would fail during a delay.

The unanimous recommendation from all the involved associations was to keep the road closed to allow work to continue.  This will avoid on-again, off-again detours.  This will allow the full reopening of all roads and trails in September 2020 if work continues progressing without delays.  Multiple concerns about landscape restoration, traffic volumes, speeding concerns, and the need for police patrols were voiced to City Utilities.

Historic Southwood Park believes this sharing of information and input regarding options is how infrastructure progress should be communicated to neighborhoods.  We hope other future City Utilities projects follow this model.

Steve McCord
Board President


Screen and gate structure

Screen & Gate Structure Walls poured concrete almost to final grade 42’ Overall Depth This structure screens the sanitary sewage free of floatable debris before sending sewage into the tunnel drop shaft. This shows the depth of the consolidation sewer project at Broadway/Rudisill. For perspective, the green pipe going across is a 30-inche sewer pipe. The depth to the bottom (floor) is 42 feet. The square concrete being lowered will go all the way to the square at the bottom to be attached. This will is an 84-incyX84-inch culvert that will divert flow to the consolidation sewer.

Please read the following press release from City Utilities for more information.  All photos are courtesy of City Utilities.


CITY UTILITIES PRESS RELEASE FOLLOWS:  The Rudisill-Broadway consolidation sewer project is progressing well. You may remember the 18-month project necessitated completely closing the intersection of Rudisill/Broadway for ten months.   

The project encountered early delays when the intersection was closed in mid-July of 2019. 

•         The planned water main relocation project was delayed by two weeks because of part shortages. 

•         A sizeable underground tank was discovered during the early construction. It had to be excavated and removed – another two-week delay. 

•         Heavy rains created flooding in the construction area delaying progress for a total of eight days. 

These delays meant that project construction had minimal progression for about five and a half weeks, but crews have worked to catch up, and today the project is nearly 70 percent complete. 

On Thursday, May 14, 2020, City Utilities hosted a Zoom meeting for the presidents of the five closest neighborhoods– Southwood Park, Foster Park, West Rudisill, Illsley Place and Oakdale, plus a representative from the Broadway Business Association. 

The City shared that Rudisill/Broadway could reopen in early June with one lane in each direction and that the work in the rest of the area would go on for the next eight months. The lane openings would be between Bluffton Road and West Rudisill Boulevard. This change would create tight or possibly impassable pedestrian access on the northeast corner of Broadway and Rudisill, and the trail would remain closed.  Additionally, while the motor vehicle traffic would be able to travel on this stretch of road, access to Foster Park would still be re-routed on Lexington Avenue to Hartman Road. 

Because the City understands the challenges this has placed on the neighborhoods, they presented an additional option. This option would keep the entire intersection closed through early September, when the whole project would wrap-up and the streets and trail would reopen. 

This option would also allow some additional needed work that might restrict street access in 2021.  

Crews have discovered that a 36-inch sewer pipe needs a liner reinforcement and that additional storm sewers would help with street flooding on the corner of the intersection. This extra work can coincide if the full street closure remains through September. 

Neighborhood leaders believe finishing all utility work and paving in early September of 2020 is a better option than having lanes opened and the project going into February of next year.  

The City will be meeting with the contractor early next week to firm up a commitment for the option to keep the intersection closed and finish the project in September. 

Frank Suárez,  Director of Public Information

Division of Public Works and City Utilities,  City of Fort Wayne

Rudisill sewer pipe

The thick gray pipe in the center is the one under Rudisill 126 inch (10’-6”). This combined sewer pipe dumps combined sewage into the St. Marys an average of 71 times per year.

Diversion structure

Diversion Structure Concrete poured approximately halfway to finished elevation Structure is 32’ deep On the right – the concrete that looks stripes coming down is the Semi Elliptical Sewer 126 inch (10’-6”) sewer that runs under Rudisill.

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  1. Kim Zuber permalink
    May 16, 2020 6:51 am

    What about fixing other streets in the neighborhood that have been constantly torn up over the last 10 years. Pettit St. Is a mess, Fairfield is getting close, Broadway has been patched torn up some more and patched again. Hey we did get a couple really neat alleys out of the deal.

  2. Sandra Shank permalink
    May 16, 2020 9:28 am

    Wish someone would inform the residents that live on Hartman Road how this is going to effect them. Are you going to close the road? If so how are we to leave our residences? Are they clearing all the trees along the roadway? Both sides of roadway. Or just park side? I have never received any notification on this work to be done on Hartman Road. I know people are upset about all the trees that are going to be removed. I hope the city isn’t dodging this issue and just going to begin this work without properly informing the citizens along Hartman Road, then dealing with the fall out later!! I’m hoping the city can get us some much needed information.

    • May 16, 2020 10:15 am

      We will do our best. They still need to finish this part of the project before they will have meetings about the sewer down Hartman Road.

      Right now, they are planning to repair the Hartman sewer where it connects near Rudisill.

  3. Sandra Shank permalink
    May 16, 2020 10:03 am

    Can you reply as to why my inquiries were not posted/and or removed.?

    • May 16, 2020 10:17 am

      We get a lot of spam comments. Each one has to be looked at before we let it on the website. I’m sure you’ll understand this is a volunteer-ran website, so we cannot man it 24/7. 🙂 Thank you!

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