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Arlington-South Wayne Update

May 27, 2020

We submitted a list of concerns in April to City Utilities concerning water main work on Arlington and the large construction yard that has taken over South Wayne Avenue. Those concerns included repairing damage to the esplanades on South Wayne; trash left in holes and on worksite; vehicle and pedestrian safety at Maple Grove; noise outside of posted work hours; traffic stoppages as workers double park to use portable toilet; water disruptions or discoloration for non-Arlington residents not getting paper mailers; and needing information on where Phase II of the project will be and will South Wayne continue to be the construction staging yard.

We finally have written comments/answers from City Utilities regarding the work on Arlington and the work area on South Wayne.  They are in this PDF document: Southwood Park answers RE- Water Main Installation

  • Work on the project, officially called Arlington-Sherwood Water Main Replacement Phase I, is still expected to be complete in August.  
  • There are still no solid answers from City Utilities as to what, when and where Phase II of the project will entail.
  • City Utilities tells us they are not getting 311 calls from neighbors about unannounced water outages and discolorations. 
  • City Utilities thinks disruptions are only occurring on Arlington.  If you live on a nearby street and are getting discolored water or loss of pressure, please phone 311.  They need to realize this is a wider problem than they claim.
  • Many people are upset and worried about restoration of the grounds on South Wayne.  We have been promised it will be repaired.

We suggest contacting the city’s project manager as you have continued problems with double parking, trash, long work hours, dangerous sight lines and other similar issues.  His name is Nicholas Rupley and can be reached at

Thank you for helping us collect concerns.
Steve McCord
Board President

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