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Fall Cleanup Day: October 24, 2020

September 26, 2020


There are so many ways you can be involved in this massive neighborhood cleanup effort. You can sign up to volunteer at one of our pocket gardens or park strips, you can clean up your own property, pick up trash on your block or even go through that deep dark corner of your basement you’ve been neglecting. We will have a dumpster placed at the corner of Beaver and Westover starting at 8:00 AM. This dumpster is to be used on a first come first served basis for Historic Southwood Park residents only. NO LAWN DEBRIS ALLOWED. This bin is being reserved for bulk trash only. All yard waste except leaves is to be disposed of in your normal curbside bin. The City of Fort Wayne will NOT be collecting bags curbside this year. Citywide curbside loose leaf collection will start November 2, 2020. Further details will be mailed to individual households soon.

We will need 16 volunteers to pull off our fall cleanup event! Please sign up here if interested in helping keep our neighborhood beautiful:


** Important Notes **

Once the dumpster is full it will be closed and then hauled away. If we allow it to become overly full, they will not haul it away. It is very likely it will fill up quickly.

Materials that cannot be put into the container/truck include:

Appliance with Freon
Fire Extinguishers
Used Oil
Fluorescent Bulbs
Auto Fluids
Freon Refrigerant
Auto Parts
Hazardous Waste
Oil Based Paint
Closed Containers
Items Containing Mercury
Compressed Gas
Lead Acid Batteries
Radioactive Materials
Special Waste

*** Latex paint cans need to be dried out before placing in the container. We cannot accept paint in a liquid form because it may leak out onto the ground or street.

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